More and more companies invest their marketing budget on Facebook advertising. In South Africa, 21,000,000 users are on Facebook, and that number alone will tell you what impact Facebook has on South Africa. Advertising on Facebook is a massive opportunity for any business to tap into this big sea of potential clients. If you are selling products or services, you can promote anything on Facebook and will reach the right people. A significant amount of your target audience is on Facebook and with smart marketing, you can place your product or services right under your client’s nose.

The changes are that your competitors are also using Facebook Ads. Over 3 million businesses are using the Facebook Ad platform, which means they are getting to your clients first.

What is Facebook Ads, you ask?

Facebook Ads give you the tools to create ads, edit ads, analyze ads with paid campaigns. You can monitor as you go. Facebook Ads is an effective and affordable way to reach your niche market.

That is the short of Facebook Ads, here’s the sweet. Facebook has a lot of data. Like a lot. Marketers has the opportunity to use this data to break down your audience according to their location, behaviours, likes, relationship and more. IF you know what your potential client looks like you can target them directly.

And it’s affordable. You can spend R10 a day for a reach far more than any other social media platform or even print.

And the sweet spot? You can retarget your clients that visited your website or showed interest. Spend money on the audience that you know is interested and move them down the sales funnel right through your door.

So, that is the what and why of Facebook Ads. Don’t lose out or give your competitors the upper hand with your target audience. Jump in and start targeting your clients now.

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