Three23, a digital marketing agency based in South Africa, is all about helping you grow your small to medium-sized business. As an extension of your team, we live, walk and breathe your brand, tell your story in a lingo your audience relates to and turn awareness into earnings.

Having worked with small businesses across a wide range of industries, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. We develop a tailored digital marketing strategy according to your budget and goals, meeting your target market exactly where, when and how they are sure to engage with your brand. From shaping a future-forward strategy to creating eye-catching, thumb-stopping imagery and backing it up with cleverly crafted copy, our creative geniuses know exactly what would make your brand pop across various digital channels.


Digital marketing matters

Let’s face it: If you’re not online, you don’t exist. And if you are, people need to know about it. How else would they get to know and pay for your awesome product, service or offering? This is where Three23 comes in. We tailor-make a result-driven digital marketing strategy to drive traffic to your website, while generating leads, sales and enquiries – whether that’s through Google, social media, SEO or other digital channels.


Photography & video marketing

Start with the strategy

Three23 will review your current business position, marketing strategy, online presence and any existing digital and social media marketing strategies, guiding you through every step of the way – whether you’re starting from scratch, going in a new direction or just need a slight tweak.

Get on top with Google Ads

If you haven’t Googled something yet, you must be from Mars. It’s the number one internet browser where people search for things, services and experiences they would most likely spend money on. Let us create Google ads that will get your brand on top of Google results lists every time, or sneak it in in-between videos or searches for similar products, services or experiences.

Stand out on social media

There’s no denying the power of social media. With more than 21 million South Africans spending some part of their day scrolling through Facebook alone, social media is one of the most powerful digital channels through which you can create brand awareness, connect with your target market and eventually generate income. Don’t be a wallflower.

Content creation & design

Looking good, good looking! Our creative geniuses can’t wait to give your brand that well-deserved makeover and flaunt it through striking designs and clever copy that will exhilarate, entice and intrigue your target audience, no matter what the industry.

Stand out on social media

Paid social media marketing

Paying for social media marketing gives your brand the boost you need to stand out in the crowd. It’s an effective and affordable tool to reach your ideal consumer and generate new sales leads through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


We Embody Creativity

Wait, WHAT!? Is what you want your audience to say while they scroll back to your social media posts on their feed.

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Product shoot and launch

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